I am a creative musician - a classically trained violinist with a strong background in free improvisation and contemporary chamber music. I am a performer, music educator, instrumental teacher and community workshop facilitator.
My journey with music began in my family, in my hometown - Krakow.
In 2014 I came to Birmingham to study violin at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and since then I have been actively exploring and participating in the city's rich cultural scene.

I love the variety of activities I am involved in and I am passionate about interacting with other people musically. I have a strong interest in the psychological aspects of music making and the potential of music to improve our wellbeing and the way we live in the society and in the world. Striving to create memorable experiences that bring people together is the reason I am a musician.

 I regularly perform with Birmingham-based Infinite Opera company, which focuses on promoting science through music and reaching new audiences.
In my recent collaborations I am also exploring less standard formats of experimental interdisciplinary performance art. 
Currently I am also undertaking training in music therapy.

I am passionate about...


I love teaching - passing on the musical skills and knowledge that I acquired over the years, but also sharing important values and culture.
I deliver music sessions in primary and secondary schools and in other settings. I have also worked in projects in a PMLD school and a pupil referral unit.
I teach violin and piano privately. I am committed to my own learning, frequently taking part in CPD courses and furthering my knowledge and skills.


I believe creativity is one of the most important areas of development in life. I encourage the people I work with to be creative and playful when approaching music. In my work as a workshop leader and teacher, I support young people to improvise and compose their own music and find their own expression.

Connection & Community

Music has the power to connect people. It can bring back memories, or accompany a person in any life situation.
In music we can explore new ways of forming relationships with others, different to those that we experience in our daily lives. I strive to find ways to meaningfully engage in music each person I work with. 

Inclusion & Diversity 

I strongly believe that nobody should be discriminated against. In my practice as a community musician I actively promote anti-racist values and continue to educate myself and adapt my practice to be as inclusive as possible.
I have completed anti-racist training (2021), mental health in a workplace CPD training (2021) and training in musical inclusion (2019).

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